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Week of April 1-5

WEEKLY NEWS This week two of our 3rd grade classes visited the Bernhard Museum and two more classes will go next week. This is a field trip our 3rd grade students definitely look forward to and come back with lots of excitement! Our 5th grade students visited The Lawrence Hall of Science this week and came back very excited to share their learning as well.  These are exciting field trips our students look forward to at these grade levels. We will have our next Village Meeting on Wednesday, April 3rd.  Our Villages will continue to discuss Habit #6: All in This Together.     Students are encouraged to wear their Village T-shirts or Village colors on Wednesday. Check out our Diamond Creek Student News that is filmed and produced by our Student News Leadership Group! Diamond Creek Student News 5th grade students enjoying The Lawrence Hall of Science YEARBOOK ORDERS DUE  - APRIL 1st LAST CALL on Yearbook orders. Click HERE to order your yearbook by April 1st. SAVE

Week of March 25-29

WEEKLY NEWS Our Village Rally this week was incredible! We had students from our Tawalmoto Village leading the entire way through. They did an amazing job and showed true leadership.  We kicked off Habit #6: All in this Together and discussed the importance of team work vs. trying to do everything independently.  Statewide testing season begins this week for our students in grades 3 through 5.  Students begin our Statewide CAASPP testing in ELA and Math.  Fifth grade students also take the Science Test.  This is a way for us to measure student progress so that we can continuously plan instruction that meets their needs.  Individual classroom teachers will share their schedules with you so that your students can make sure to get extra rest and big, hearty breakfasts on those days! We appreciate your support. Check out our Diamond Creek Student News that is filmed and produced by our Student News Leadership Group! Diamond Creek Student News Students leading our Village

Week of March 18-22

WEEKLY NEWS We had another great week at Diamond Creek! Our primary students were busy looking for leprechaun clues throughout the week.  They were busy hunters during their recess times, looking in the grass and bark box areas for clues left behind by the leprechaun.  Our 3rd through 5th grade students are hard at work preparing for our upcoming statewide testing, CAASPP, which will begin at the end of March.  Each classroom has their own individual schedule which will be communicated to you by the classroom teacher. Our students have learned so much this year, this is just one time of many for them to show that growth and learning they have accomplished so that we can continue to give them meaningful instruction. Our next Village Rally is coming up this Wednesday, March 20th. We will kick off Habit #6: All in This Together.   This will be a great habit for us to learn more about as we work hard to collaborate each day with each other, while also showing kindness and compassion.

Week of March 11-15

WEEKLY NEWS We kicked off Trimester #3 this week. Hard to believe we are heading into the final few months together this school year. Our students are working so hard and have made so much progress this year along their learning journey.  Report cards are coming home today, please take time to review these with your child and celebrate the growth and progress they have made in Trimester #2. This is also a great time to set goals for Trimester #3.  Thank you for all of your support in your child's education. We had a Village Meeting this past Wednesday, March 6th.  Students dove deeper into Habit #5: Listen and Learn. We practiced our active listening skills with the good old telephone game.  Students are working on eye contact, asking others questions when they have been asked a question, and participating in conversations with others.  Diamond Creek Student News Practicing math story problems together in Kindergarten Habits Posters  Habit #1 Habit #2 Habit #3

Week of March 4-8

WEEKLY NEWS In honor of Read Across America Day our students were diving into good books all day today! We had green eggs and ham being served in some of our 1st grade classrooms, Read Alouds happening with special guests, a Read-a-Thon, Book Tasting and more! Students were engaged and diving into good books throughout the day today. Our next Village Meeting is coming up this Wednesday, March 6th. We will continue talking about Habit #5: Listen & Learn   and practice our active listening skills.  Students are continuing to work hard each day to exhibit these habits at school and we hope you see the same at home too! A reminder that Wednesday, March 6th is a minimum day for our students.  Students will be dismissed at 2:05 on Wednesday.  Report cards will be sent home on  Friday, March 8th.  Thank you for all of your support in your child's education. Diamond Creek Student News Book Tasting today in 5th Grade Habits Posters  Habit #1 Habit #2 Habit #3 Habit #