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Week of September 3-7

WEEKLY NEWS WOW! We had a great week at Diamond Creek.  The highlight of our week was definitely our student sorting day on Wednesday. All of our students at Diamond Creek found out which Village they belong to at our school. This will be their Village moving forward for the rest of their career at Diamond Creek.  We began building relationships on Day 1 with learning the Village chant, learning names and even practicing our hand shake skills.  Make sure to ask your child all about their Village. We will have our first Village meeting on Wednesday, September 5th.  Students are encouraged to wear their Village T-shirts they received on Wednesday.   We will have a Village meeting once per month and a Village Rally once per month. These will always be on Wednesday from 11:00-11:30. Thank you to some of our amazing parent volunteers who captured the day in photos for us. A few of them are below and more to come! We will be offering one more evening at Diamond Creek for our parents t

Week of August 27-31

WEEKLY NEWS We are anxiously awaiting our Student SORTING DAY coming up this Wednesday, August 29th at Diamond Creek! Our students will finally be finding out their Village, learning their Village chant and beginning to make connections with the other students and staff in their Village.  We are encouraging all students to wear a white shirt to school on Wednesday so that we can white out Diamond Creek.  Part of the Village celebration will be delivering Village T-shirts to students with their Village name, color and symbol. Students will be able to put their shirt on right over their white shirt and wear for the remainder of the day. We have a few parents who have volunteered to photograph this day for us so we will be sure to share with you the excitement from this day! Thank you to all of our families who participated in our Skate Night and Dine & Donate this past week. It was a packed week of community fun for us at Diamond Creek.  Another huge thank you to all of our pare

Week of August 20-24

WELCOME BACK & WELCOME TO DIAMOND CREEK!! We had a great first full week of school at DC this week! Students were deep into reading. I walked through many classrooms where students were diving into good books. It's fun to see them excited to read and share their books with peers! Our staff had an exciting day on Wednesday. We had our Staff Sorting Day and ALL STAFF found out which Village they are with for their entire Diamond Creek career moving forward.  All of our staff are included in our Villages and we can't wait for August 29th for our students to find out their Village as well! We have our first family PTC events coming up this week.  On Monday, we have our first Skate Night of the year at Roller King from 6:00-8:00.  Wear your Diamond Creek spirit wear and enjoy the night skating with friends.  On Wednesday, we have our first Dine & Donate at Skipolini's.  A portion of all sales is donated directly back to Diamond Creek for our students.  Finally, Thur

Week of August 13-17

WELCOME BACK & WELCOME TO DIAMOND CREEK!! Welcome back to all of our families at Diamond Creek and a huge WELCOME to all of our new families joining us this school year. It was a great week kicking off the 2018-19 school year together.  Thank you to all of our families who joined us for Back to School Night on Wednesday. Our teachers truly enjoy that time getting to know your students and I always love being able to walk around and see all of our families. This is our Diamond Creek School Blog! The blog will be updated every Friday with the link sent to parents Friday afternoon or evening.  This blog will provide important information on upcoming events and dates. Our hope at Diamond Creek is that your child(ren) had a wonderful first two days back at school and they truly felt like ROCKSTARS!! As I was walking around the building there were many smiles, laughs and fun activities happening to build relationships in our classrooms. Thank you for all of your support and a gre