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Week of January 28 - February 1

WEEKLY NEWS We kicked off our Pennies for Patients drive this week. Our Diamond Creek students set a goal for themselves to raise $10,000 to be donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma society.  We are working hard on this goal together! Our Village Rally this week kicked of Habit #4 for our students, which is I am Mindful of Others . We discussed our body language and tone of voice and how those can be perceived in different situations.  Our students are working on what message their body language and tone of voice can communicate to others both at home and at school. This is such a great habit and reminder for us as adults too! Our 5th grade students celebrated 1,000 DAYS OF SCHOOL TODAY! Habits Posters  Habit #1 Habit #2 Habit #3 Habit #4 Habit #5 Habit #6 Habit #7 YEARBOOKS - Click HERE to order Yearbooks Upcoming Dates: 2/4 - Skate Night 6-8 PM @ Roller King 2/4 - 3/1 - iReady Window #3 for 2nd through 5th grade students 2/8 - Mother/Son PTC Spon

Week of January 21-25

WEEKLY NEWS It was a rainy, windy week at Diamond Creek! Our students were excited to finally be able to have some recess time outside on Thursday.  Although, I have learned to be thankful for the rain in California after my few years of living here. All of our students attended our Pennies for Patients kick off assembly this week! You will have more information coming home with your child about our Pennies for Patients drive happening over the next few weeks.  Our students will eagerly be collecting coins that will be donated to the Leukemia/Lymphoma Foundation and go directly to helping children with these forms of cancer.  We have set some high goals for our Diamond Creek team this year and hope we can help many other children. Our next Village Rally is coming up this Wednesday, January 23rd! We can't wait to kick off Habit #4 with our students! Habits Posters  Habit #1 Habit #2 Habit #3 Habit #4 Habit #5 Habit #6 Habit #7 Ms. Triplett's room was trans

Week of January 14-18

WEEKLY NEWS Welcome back to all of our students and families! We were so excited to have our students back learning with us this week.  The students jumped right back into their learning routines as I was walking through classrooms. They had many stories to share with their friends.  We hope you had a wonderful break with family and friends. We had a Village Meeting this week.  Our students spent time together reviewing Habit #3: Make Priorities Matter and we especially talked about working before we play. Students brainstormed ways they "work first, then play" both at home and at school.  I heard many students talking about how they do their reading or their homework before they play outside with friends. We brainstormed a variety of strategies to help us stay focused and aware of distractions around us when those happen.  Thank you for supporting these habits at home as well! Habits Posters  Habit #1 Habit #2 Habit #3 Habit #4 Habit #5 Habit #6 Habit #7