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October 28-November 1

WEEKLY NEWS This week at Diamond Creek our 5th grade students had a full day of reading at Camp Read S'More! Our students were highly engaged in their reading activities and thank you to all of our parents who helped set up tents and came to read with our students! It was a meaningful day of learning for our students. Our 3rd grade students had a visit from our local library where they learned about checking out books and all received their own library cards that need to be activated at the library! Last year, Diamond Creek had the most participation across the district in our local library program! Way to go readers! A reminder that next Thursday, October 31st and Friday, November 1st are non school days for students.  Our staff will be learning together at Professional Development.  All of our students in grades 2-5 have been taking the iReady diagnostic. Each classroom has a different schedule of when they are taking both the Reading and Math diagnostic.  Students take th

October 21-25

WEEKLY NEWS We had a wonderful week at Diamond Creek! On Thursday during our Village meeting we discussed different scenarios that we may find ourselves in and how we can react to those scenarios.   Our Habit of focus is Habit #1: I am in Charge of Me along with two Essentials: Be Responsible for your Trash and Move Around Respectfully and Safely. Our 2nd grade students enjoyed their Market Day on Friday afternoon.   This is a great learning experience for them as they are buying and selling goods, many of them that they have created themselves. Students use the class money they have earned to participate in games and buy items. All of our students in grades 2-5 have been taking the iReady diagnostic. Each classroom has a different schedule of when they are taking both the Reading and Math diagnostic.  Students take this diagnostic four times throughout the year to measure growth in a variety of areas.  The data is then used to provide intervention and extension opportunities and

Week of October 14-18

WEEKLY NEWS This year all K-5 teachers in Roseville City School District adopted a new writing curriculum by Lucy Calkins.  Our students are enjoying their daily writing experiences. It's been so fun walking through classrooms and seeing this curriculum develop for our students from Kindergarten all the way up through our 5th grade classrooms. Today I had the opportunity to sit with 1st grade students sharing their Writer's Workshop stories with their peers and some parent volunteers.  Their ideas are endless and the details they add to their stories are so creative!  We are looking forward to our Fall Festival this evening at Diamond Creek from 5-8 PM! There will be games, food and family fun for our students! This is a community event that we look forward to each year.  Our Book Fair will also remain open throughout the evening. We hope to see you there! Habit #1 Habit #2 Habit #3 Habit #4 Habit #5 Habit #6 Habit #7 Diamond Creek Student News Students using

Week of October 7-11

WEEKLY NEWS Hello Diamond Creek Families! We had another great week at Diamond Creek!  Our 4th grade students were able to experience "A Touch of Understanding".  Throughout the day, students had the opportunity to experience life from the perspective of a variety of disabilities.  Students were able to practice writing in Braille, drive a wheelchair, understand the sounds and senses of autism, and more.  This is a wonderful experience for our students.  Students also have the opportunity to hear stories from a variety of speakers who have different disabilities.  We look forward to this experience for our 4th grade students each year. On Thursday, we had a Village Rally.  Honhulu students and staff led our rally and reintroduced Habit #1: I'm in Charge of Me .  Along with Habit #1, we discussed two essentials. Be Responsible for Your Trash and Move Around Respectfully and Safely.   We will be focusing on this Habit and these two essentials through the month.  Lin