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November 27-December 1

Updates from our week at Diamond Creek  Thank you to all of our parents for taking time to meet with your child's teacher this week.  Our teachers appreciate this face to face meeting time with you.  We are all a team working together to help each child at Diamond Creek be successful and your support is such an important piece of the puzzle.  Thank you for your time and support! On Tuesday, we were lucky enough to have our local Fire Department visit us and lead us through a fire safety assembly.  The students learned what to do in the case of a fire and were able to see the transformation that happens when our firefighters put on all of their gear.  On Wednesday, we had a building wide "READING DRILL".  We all stopped, dropped and read! It was a delight to see students throughout our whole building reading for 15 minutes all together.  I had so many students afterwards tell me they wished it was longer and ask if we could do that everyday! We love how engaged our st

Week of November 13-17

Updates from our week at Diamond Creek  Our Site Council met this week and our school representatives shared our work so far of teaching habits to our students. I am attaching the PDF version of posters you will see in our classrooms with common language that we are using across Diamond Creek.  There are two documents of Habit #1, we are using the one with less wording in our classrooms but feel free to use this common language.  We encourage you to use in your home as well!  The Habits are again listed below. Habits Documents (Habit 1-3) Habit #1: I'm in Charge of Me  *I choose my actions & attitudes *I do the right thing without being asked *I do not blame others for my wrong actions Habit #2: Know Before You Do It *I have a plan * I plan ahead and set goals *I am an important part of my class * My work is important Habit #3: Make Priorities Matter *I work first --then play * I spent my time on the most important things *I say no to things I know I should n

Week of November 6-10

Updates from our week at Diamond Creek  It was a short week for our students, but our teachers were busy learning with their peers! On Monday, we spent the day as a district learning together. Staff were given choices on sessions they would like to attend based on their desire to learn a variety of ways to engage students in learning.  Our staff came back with some great new ideas to share and ways to strengthen instruction in our classrooms.  On Tuesday, we spent the day together at Diamond Creek.   We as a staff at Diamond Creek are moving ahead with learning about the 7 Habits of Highly Successful Adults and Children.  We have renamed these habits to make them our own Diamond Creek way.  We are going to focus on the first 3 habits this school year and then will continue on with the remaining four next school year.  Hopefully you will begin to hear your students using some of our habits language!  Here are the Habits we worked on as a staff together on Tuesday.   We encourage you to