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December 3-7

WEEKLY NEWS We had a great full week back after break! We hope you had a restful Thanksgiving holiday week with your family and friends. Our students had a Village meeting Wednesday.  Our focus continued with  Habit #2: Know Before You Do It .   We discussed academic goals and what those may look like and sound like related to school work. Then each of our students made their own individualized academic goal. Our big buddies did an incredible job of leading and helping our younger buddies set and write meaningful goals. I was impressed at how specific many of our students were, such as achieving a certain level on Lexia or mastering division and multiplication facts up to ten.  We have some great goals to achieve this year! Academic Goal Setting in our Villages TOY DRIVE - BEGINS MONDAY Our Annual Toy Drive will begin at Diamond Creek on Monday, December 3rd! We will be collecting toys that will be donated to our local Police Department and delivered to families in our R

November 26-30

WEEKLY NEWS We had a short and exciting week at Diamond Creek.  You should have received a message from Superintendent Garcia stating due to the poor air quality conditions, all RCSD schools and offices are closed tomorrow, November 16th.  We are not in school November 19-23 due to Thanksgiving break.  We will see students back on Monday, November 26th. This week we had a great all school rally with our Villages.  Our focus this next month will be on Habit #2: Know Before You Do It .   When we teach this habit to our students, we will discuss ways to set goals and have a plan of how those goals will be accomplished.  Our Village meeting on November 28th will get more into this habit as well. We also wanted to share with you that our money raised through our candy drive was donated to those impacted by the fires in California. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break with family and friends. We are thankful for all of you and your amazing children that we have the opportunity to work

November 12-16

WEEKLY NEWS Thank you to all of our families who took time to meet with teachers this week to discuss your child's progress this year. We truly appreciate your time as we continue on this learning journey together.  Conferences are such a great time for our teachers to communicate where your child is on their learning journey, share strengths, goal areas and next steps.  We thank you for your time and support. We also appreciate all of your help collecting Halloween candy and we hope it helped you out at home as well!! Diamond Creek was the top candy collector so instead of receiving $1 per pound to be donated to Make a Wish, we will be able to donate $2 per pound.  THANK YOU!! On Wednesday, November 14th we will have our next Village Rally as a whole school! Your child is encouraged to wear their Village T-shirt or color.  We will begin work on Habit #2: Know Before You Do It which includes having a plan, setting goals and placing importance on our work inside and outside o

November 5-9

WEEKLY NEWS We hope you are enjoying the four day weekend with your families! Our teachers have been hard at work learning the last few days.  A reminder that this week is our week of parent/teacher conferences. Our teachers are excited to meet with you and share what your child has been hard at work on this semester and the progress they have had in various areas.   Students are dismissed early this week, Monday through Friday. Please refer to the schedule listed below. CONFERENCE WEEK SCHEDULE (November 5-9) Grades 1-3 Nov. 5-9    Conference Week Grades 4-5                              8:55            Instruction begins                  8:55            Instruction begins 10:15-10:24 Recess (Grade 1) 10:30-10:39 Recess (Grades 2-3)           10:30-10:39  Recess            11:30-12:00  Lunch (Grades 1)             12:00-12:30 Lunch   (Grade 4,5) 11:45-12:15 Lunch     (Grades 2- 3)        12:40            Dismissal