Week of August 27-31


We are anxiously awaiting our Student SORTING DAY coming up this Wednesday, August 29th at Diamond Creek! Our students will finally be finding out their Village, learning their Village chant and beginning to make connections with the other students and staff in their Village.  We are encouraging all students to wear a white shirt to school on Wednesday so that we can white out Diamond Creek.  Part of the Village celebration will be delivering Village T-shirts to students with their Village name, color and symbol. Students will be able to put their shirt on right over their white shirt and wear for the remainder of the day.

We have a few parents who have volunteered to photograph this day for us so we will be sure to share with you the excitement from this day!

Thank you to all of our families who participated in our Skate Night and Dine & Donate this past week. It was a packed week of community fun for us at Diamond Creek.  Another huge thank you to all of our parents who attended our PTC meeting on Thursday evening to provide feedback for our PTC board.

The Library is OPEN! Students began checking out books this week. Welcome to the library Mrs. Wing,! 

Upcoming Dates:
8/30- Picture Day
8/31 -Picture Day
9/3 - No School - Labor Day
9/13 - Walk-a-Thon - Envelopes coming home TODAY!!! (8/24)
9/14 - No School - Staff Development for Teachers
9/19 - California Pizza Kitchen Dine & Donate


Diamond Creek Elementary School - Thu, Aug 30 & Fri, Aug 31
Enter Code - 60dcr18

At Diamond Creek we work hard to build strong relationships with students, families, staff, and our community. Something new this year that we as a staff are very excited to announce is that our students have all been organized into Villages, which includes our students TK through fifth. Last year, we began implementing the 7 Habits of Highly Successful Kids with our students.  They learned and practiced our first three habits: I’m in Charge of Me, Know Before You Do It, and Make Priorities Matter. We will spend time learning the next four habits this school year. We will use our Village time every other week to learn these habits and work within our Villages to implement these habits at Diamond Creek. We will have a big sorting day at the end of August (more details to come), in which our students will find out which Village they are part of at Diamond Creek.

Our goal with our Village system is to create a school wide collaborative community with all of our students. We want all of our students to feel a strong sense of belonging at Diamond Creek. Our Villages will allow our older students to be big buddies for our younger students and help lead the way in many areas. Each Village will have a name, color, chant, crest and more!  The Villages will be a sense of identity for our students and something we will strive to make part of what we do at Diamond Creek. Villages will encourage a sense of pride in our students and the habits they are exhibiting at Diamond Creek. Strong relationships with students has always been the core of what we believe when it comes to educating students. Our Villages are a way for us to continue building strong relationships across the entire building and create an environment of shared leadership among our student body.   

Number Talks in TK

Student & Parent Handbook 2018-19 LINKED HERE

A few important safety reminders as you are dropping off and picking up students.

1. Both of our bus loops are drop off zones only.  If you need to park, please use the parking lots or streets to park and walk your child into school.  These areas are meant for continuous movement for cars dropping off students.

2. Please be alert and watching for cones, students, and signs.  We have many students helping with our afternoon and morning safety patrol and we want them to be safe at all times.

3. Please be off of your cell phone when driving around our Diamond Creek area.

4. When pulling into the loops, please pull all the way forward to allow cars behind you to fill in the loop area

Thank you for your help with these important safety reminders. We want to ensure all of our students are safe getting to school and leaving school each day at Diamond Creek.

i-Ready Testing Window Grades 2-5
Students in grades 2-5 participate in a diagnostic assessment four times throughout the year called i-Ready.  This diagnostic allows us to measure growth in each of our students, find strength areas and areas of need, so that we can provide the appropriate instruction and intervention for all of our students.  Our first testing window is already open.  Students in grades 2-5 will be participating in the first round of i-Ready testing between August 9th and August 31st.  Each classroom teacher has a schedule set for their individual classroom.

PTC Newsletter
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Diamond Creek PTC Newsletter

Remind APP
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