Week of August 12-16

Hello Diamond Creek Families,
We had a wonderful few days this week welcoming your families to Diamond Creek and into a new school year! Thank you for all of your support these first few days of school with supplies, time, hugs and love for your children!

Each week, I will send an email on Friday afternoon with our Diamond Creek School Blog linked in the email.  You can also access this blog on our school website.  This is a great place to refer back to for important information and upcoming dates!

Upcoming Dates:
8/12 - Early Dismissal - EVERY MONDAY students in grades 1-5 are dismissed at 2:05
8/13 - Fingerprinting available in our Multi-Purpose Room (5-7 PM)
8/15 - Fingerprinting available in our Multi-Purpose Room (5-7 PM)
8/21 - TK & Kindergarten Village Kick Off Rally! (more information from your teachers)
8/21 - Dine & Donate - Chili's
8/22 - First Official Village Rally!
8/28 - PTC General Meeting 7:00 PM - Library - Pizza & Childcare provided
8/29 - Picture Day
8/29 - Skate Night 6-8 PM
8/30 - Picture Day
9/2 - Labor Day - No School
9/12 - Walk-a-Thon
9/13 - No School - Staff Development

WELCOME BACK from ALL OF US at Diamond Creek

At Diamond Creek we work hard to build strong relationships with students, families, staff, and our community. Last year we kicked off our Villages system building wide for all of our TK through 5th grade students. Each student was assigned to one of our 7 Villages that represent The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people. We will continue this year spending time learning and reviewing these habits along with some essential skills that fall within each habit. We will use our Village time every other week to learn these habits and work within our Villages to implement these habits at Diamond Creek. Our TK and Kindergarten students will find out their Village at a fun sorting day rally on August 21st. All of our new students to Diamond Creek will learn of their Village as well through their classroom teacher. Our first official kick off rally will be August 22nd.

Our goal with our Village system is to create a school wide collaborative community with all of our students. We want all of our students to feel a strong sense of belonging at Diamond Creek. Our Villages allow our older students to be big buddies for our younger students and help lead the way in many areas. Our big buddies last year took on tremendous leadership picking up our little buddies for meetings and rallies and helping with our 7 Habits. Each Village has a name, color, chant, crest and more!  The Villages are a sense of identity for our students and something we strive to make part of what we do at Diamond Creek. Villages encourage a sense of pride in our students and the habits they are exhibiting at Diamond Creek. Strong relationships with students has always been the core of what we believe when it comes to educating students. Our Villages are a way for us to continue building strong relationships across the entire building and create an environment of shared leadership among our student body.  

2019-20 Village Rally & Meeting Schedule HERE

Parent/Student Handbook HERE 

School Site Council - Open Positions for 2019-20 School Year
One of the most important functions in California’s public schools is the organization of a School Site Council (SSC).  This is a mandated State funded program where parents are elected to represent fellow parents in making decisions with the school staff on school-wide topics.  Issues such as school safety, parking, use of instructional aides, curricular programs being considered for adoption, and determining how some school improvement activities occur are important topics usually discussed by a Site Council.  In a sense, the Council is like a rudder of a ship helping to point out the ship’s direction.

We have two openings for Site Council positions for the 2019-20 school year.  If you are interested in serving on our Site Council, please email Mrs. Garcia with a statement on why you are interested in serving on our Site Council.

First Day of Birthday Books at Diamond Creek

Birthday Book Cart
One new item we wanted to share with you, as we kicked this off this week, is our "Birthday Book Cart".  Beginning this year, each student will have the opportunity to pick out a book from Mrs. Garcia's "Birthday Book Cart" on his/her birthday.  If the birthday falls on a weekend, she will make sure they receive a book on the Friday or Monday after the weekend.  Same goes for all of our summer birthdays! Mrs. Garcia will be doing all August birthdays this month and then doing our June and July birthdays in May.  We are excited to provide students with books they can add to their libraries at home for more family reading fun! 

i-Ready Testing Window Grades 2-5
Students in grades 2-5 participate in a diagnostic assessment four times throughout the year called i-Ready.  This diagnostic allows us to measure growth in each of our students, find strength areas and areas of need, so that we can provide the appropriate instruction and intervention for all of our students.  Our first testing window is already open.  Students in grades 2-5 will be participating in the first round of i-Ready testing between August 8th and August 30th.  Each classroom teacher has a schedule set for their individual classroom.

Fingerprinting Available at Diamond Creek
If you are interested in being a Category II volunteer in our District, fingerprints and a TB assessment are required.  Again this year, we will be providing a time for parents to come to Diamond Creek to be fingerprinted.  The times for fingerprinting will be Tuesday, August 13th from 5:00-7:00 PM and Thursday, August 15th from 5:00-7:00 PM.   The fee is $57 and checks can be made directly to the UPS store.

Thank you for a GREAT first week BACK!! 

Heathy Food Policy 
Roseville City School District  has a Board Policy on healthy foods in the schools. This RCSD Board Policy is based on the California Healthy Schools Bill SB12, which has been passed by state lawmakers. The policy focuses on serving only healthy foods at school, both in the cafeteria and in the classrooms.  The intent is to educate students to make healthy food choices.

Diamond Creek will support this policy by implementing the following procedures concerning distribution of foods in the classroom, by both teachers and administrators.

1. We will not be allowing students to bring in any food items to share with the class on birthdays or other special occasions due to possible food allergies.  If you would like to honor your child's birthday, check with your child's teacher on suggestions for non-food items (pencils, stickers, eraser, etc) that could be shared with the class.

2. Teachers will not be using non-nutritious foods (candies, cookies, etc) as a reward for student's academic performance or classroom behavior.

3. Teachers will still hold occasional parties during the school year.  This will be the time to enjoy those special treats, along with some healthy snacks . At this time any items that are shared with students need to be store bought items.

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